PigCast: Tips on Biosecurity
with Dr. Jake Waddilove

Hosts Miquel and Jessica discuss ‘Good Management, Good Pigs… and the importance of Health’ with Jake Waddilove, a principal partner in Eastgate Veterinary Group and experienced pig-specialist veterinarian.

Mr Waddilove explains how the UK’s small wild boar population and physical isolation have protected it against ASF so far. 

But, as 40% of all pigs raised outdoors with a further 10% of the finishers from these pigs, raised outdoors, which represents a number of risks and presents some novel biosecurity issues.

Barriers may be insecure and quarantine difficult to implement in this large, porous environment but Jake urges producers to pay attention to biosecurity controls.

We ask if discipline at entry points; careful disinfection; stricter biosecurity and separation around incoming feed, bedding and water could help control endemic diseases and lower infection risk?

Jessica ponders the ideal biosecure set up, while Jake makes the case for better management in the real world of public footpaths, hedges, truckers lay-bys, farming density and carelessly discarded sandwiches!

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