PigCast: Tips on Biosecurity
with Dr. Jer Geiger

Miquel and Jessica talk about biosecurity with Dr Jer Geiger, Health Assurance Veterinarian at the Pig Improvement Company (PIC).

In this episode the hosts examine Dr Geiger’s belief that producers have to embrace a biosecurity mindset to be effective. The conversation explores the differences of scale and practise between the US and Chinese markets.

Considering the threat of ASF to US exports and the impact of Covid-19 on the welfare of domestic pigs, Jer and Jessica scrutinise the challenges of encouraging biosecurity in profoundly different cultures.

The basics of biosecurity don’t change, says Dr Geiger, only how they are implemented into the evolving production system.

Even PIC’s mighty ‘thousand-point’ location and facilities assessment system has had to adapt. When considering biosecurity, the maxim for producers should be ‘every day learn: every day teach’.

Dr Geiger shares his tips for prioritising quick improvements to biosecurity practise, concentrating on ‘pigs, people and transport’, he explains, will help producers to fight off pathogens, foreign and endemic.

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